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The horse and its connection with mankind

Luis R Contributor
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The relationship between the horse and its contribution to key moments in the history of mankind is something interesting to relate to. The presence of the horse in the important wars of history, its interesting connection with people with critical illnesses, and the fun and joy they promote in famous racetracks and sports such as equestrian sports which make this animal so appreciated because of the joy and power they give to their owners and people.

Humans used the strength and speed of the horse to move to distant places and conquer cities and territories. Thanks to the horse, warlike Arab tribes from the Middle East were able to enter Spain. Then in the 13th century, the Mongols themselves set out from Central Asia and, thanks to the horse, forged a great empire. Alexander the Great had a wonderful war horse called Bucephalus. Bucephalus accompanied him in all his conquests, and when he died in 326 B.C., he built the city of Bucephala in his memory. The Liberator Simon Bolivar, who liberated six nations by riding 123,000 km on horseback, three times more than Napoleon Bonaparte and twice as much as Alexander the Great. Bolivar made his victorious entries on his white horse Palomo. As the story goes, it was a horse admired and acclaimed in parades for its poise, long tail and high connection with the Liberator. 

Today, we can enjoy famous horse races, especially the U.S. Triple Crown races. Churchill Downs (NASDAQ: CHDN) is an organization that operates and manages thoroughbred racetracks located in Louisville, where the famous thoroughbred classics Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Oaks have been held for more than 100 years. The Kentucky Derby is held on the first Saturday of May each year and is called the most exciting two minutes in the sport. Many horse racing fans have been gathering since 1875 for the longest-running event in U.S. history. Going to Louisville, by the way, is like experiencing and enjoying the best of thoroughbred history by visiting the racetrack’s history museum and contemplating the most exciting moments of this classic. It reminds me of the classic won by Secretariat, a horse that still holds the Derby record as the fastest horse in the race.

Churchill Downs (NASDAQ: CHDN), as an interstate company, also operates casinos and betting platforms. Currently, Churchill Downs (NASDAQ: CHDN) will provide advance deposit wagering technology to DraftKings during a multi-year agreement signed by the two companies. This agreement will provide Draftkings’ customers with the opportunity to participate in horse betting, as well as to gain more customers during horse races, by granting Draftkings the wagering rights to the content of races owned by Churchill Downs (NASDAQ: CHDN). In other words, the dynamic in horse racing generates synergies between companies and, incidentally, benefits the economy of the city and the country.

Another very important aspect for mental health, is the benefits that equine therapy generates in people. Equine therapy, which is a therapy assisted with horses, is extremely effective and positive when there are neurodegenerative diseases and when there are psychological problems related to stress or anxiety. This technique began in 1875 thanks to the contributions made by the French neurologist Chassaiggnac. Equine therapy was mainly used to help the victims of the First World War with small groups at Oxford
University. Currently, equine therapies are applied to adult patients and children with autism, down syndrome, shyness and motor problems with very positive results. The connection that develops between horse and patient creates an environment for a healthy recovery, emotional management, improvement of social skills, overcoming fears, as well as the development of greater confidence, security and self-esteem.         

Finally, I can say that one of the movies I have enjoyed the most is the one starring actor Robert Redford and Kristin Scott in one of the most acclaimed novels, such Disney’s “Lord of the Horses.” Redford’s extraordinary gift with horses in his character has an effect on the lives of the people around him. The relationship of human beings with horses has stories and moments that always leave a mark on those who have the great opportunity to have an experience with these beautiful animals, even if it is just enjoying a short horseback ride around nature and the landscape.


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