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All for the pets

María A Contributor
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A little more than a year ago a new member arrived at my home, many could believe that it is a baby or a new partner, but this new member of the family has four legs and a lot of hair, so much so that he even looks like a bear; that’s why I named him, Teddy. There are hundreds of breeds around the world, but the name was also thought up because of his appearance, a Chow Chow of Asian origin, which is very similar to a mountain bear, an adorable coincidence.

As in every family, a new pet steals everyone’s attention. And in their first months of life, taking good care of them is key for them to grow up healthy and strong. Being my first pet, I started to investigate which was the place that could assist me in this new canine adventure. Surfing the internet, I found an online store that was able to provide me with all the services I needed, Chewy Inc (NYSE: CHWY).

I was delighted to learn that the company is named after Ryan Cohen’s first dog, a beagle named Chewy and alongside Michael Day decided to start this business to overcome the difficulties Cohen had in finding quality products for his pets. I went to their online store and discovered products that I didn’t even know existed. A whole new world for me. I understood the great development that is taking place in this environment because, as it happens to me, thousands of people in the world try to give the best to their pets, from small toys to the best food available.

We are used to technology, allowing us to do everything quickly and efficiently. Our pets don’t understand if one day there is food and the next day there isn’t, which is why automation not only helps people but now also benefits animals. According to a study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, 44% of Chewy Inc (NYSE: CHWY) customers have joined the retailer’s Autoship program, which automatically replenishes pet supplies and offers a monthly subscription, so our little friends never run out of food. But this system is available to everyone, not just dogs, i.e., birds and cats can also enjoy this service, as they are also Chewy Inc (NYSE: CHWY) customers. We must keep in mind that they are the real customers of Chewy.

Pets have become so important in people’s lives, as it happened to Ryan Cohen, they have come to change our investment decisions. In my case, Teddy has influenced the investments I’m looking at making this year. Investment does not necessarily have to be the purchase of stocks or bonds, houses or cars are as well. I currently have a small car, but as my dog grows, the decision to buy a new one will be important. What I still can’t define is if I should also buy a property that will give Teddy more freedom, without fantasizing, a house with enough space to run, play and bathe him on weekends.

The new car will be spacious, with easy-to-clean upholstery, since he’ll be an extra occupant on walks, but also on future trips that we organize, and of course, for trips to the hairdresser, will be very useful. Being a member of the family, he should always be well cared and groomed. The welfare of all of us does not rely only on a good diet; having routine health controls is also important; this made me take even more dimension of how far we are able to take care of our pets since we can hire insurance that has all the emergencies covered, including medicines, identical to the one we contract for ourselves.

The decision to have a new puppy, was and will be one of the best decisions I could have made. I am in a position to affirm that “the dog is our best friend”, I imagine you will agree with me if you also have a pet by your side.


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