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The new golf

María A Contributor
El nuevo golf (1)

The new year is here, and for many of us who live in the southern hemisphere, the long-awaited summer vacation. It’s almost impossible not to remember my childhood when, according to my country’s traditions, all the boys and girls would spend some time in summer camps. In addition to sharing with children of the same age, we learned swimming, played games and did different activities. In one of those unforgettable summers, one of the proposed sports to practice was golf.

I can still see the surprised faces of all those children, including mine, when we were allowed to touch the golf clubs for the first time. We were on a beautiful golf course, very green and with the unmistakable smell of freshly cut grass. The clubs looked huge in our small hands. Of course, it goes without saying that most of the balls went to unexpected places, never near the hole. But no one can take away the excitement and joy of that moment.

Years passed, and my relationship with the world of golf remained an experience of the past and nothing more. But all these memories came back to my mind when I recently read about Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp (NYSE: MODG) and its approach to golf and everything related to it. One thing that particularly caught my attention was the perspective they took in reformulating the way the sport is played, opening up a whole new range of possibilities with one goal in mind: making the game more accessible for everyone to play, even for non-professionals.

One amazing innovation from Callaway Brands includes the design of the golf clubs with the assistance of artificial intelligence, which helps go through thousands of iterations to find the most efficient designs that give golfers consistent results even for the average player on their worst hits. This gives them an enormous advantage at any skill level, as well as making the game more enjoyable; this is a feature I would have loved to see years ago when I first tried golf.

Reinventing a game is no easy task, but the company Topgolf estimates that, since 2020, 6 million new players have joined this exciting sport, with 35% of the new fans being women, which is no small feat. When I was growing up, golf was played as an arguably “professional” sport with strict rules. Nonetheless, Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp (NYSE: MODG) has simplified this whole world and started a trend that continues to grow, making golf accessible to everyone so that anyone can experience what it feels like to hit the ball and at the same time, give them the opportunity to experience the golf lifestyle.

To accomplish this, they have managed to create a new type of meeting, a game of golf with friends, in a more friendly and relaxed environment, with all the comforts and luxuries that exist in the best golf courses, all at a very reasonable price, so that anyone who wishes to venture into this new form of entertainment or hobby can do so.

In each of the bays intended for the players, there are screens with all the information about the game and where we can watch sports play with our friends. The balls have advanced technology in them by which all the data about the distance and speed of each shot is obtained and displayed, and of course, all the necessary equipment is also available. To make the meeting more enjoyable, and for those who, perhaps like me, are not such expert players, it’s also a rewarding experience sharing with friends some delicious food or drinks while we’re playing.

Their main purpose has always been creating new ways of playing the game, which is why one of the latest integrations has been virtual competitions that take place in the metaverse so that players around the world can challenge each other in this ever-expanding field of VR and AR. With a wide variety of offerings, the whole experience around Topgolf Callaway (NYSE: MODG) makes us feel part of a family.

Personally, I think it is an excellent option when it comes to sharing a fun time with family or friends. It is a great plan regardless of age, gender or skill level since they’ve made it their mission to bring all forms of golf to the masses since day one.


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