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A surprise abroad

Renzo G Contributor
Tooth brush and Toothpaste illustration Colgate Palmolive NYSE CL - ENG

A few years ago, I moved abroad for work. Although I had brought some of my favourite personal care products with me, I found that it was difficult to find my favourite brand of toothpaste in the country I was in. Desperate to find a toothpaste I liked, I started trying different local brands, but none of them left me with the fresh, clean feeling I liked. That’s when I came across a tube of Colgate Palmolive (NYSE: CL) toothpaste at a local drugstore.

It was an indescribable thrill to find a product I knew and trusted in a place so far from home. Since that day, I have always made sure to have a supply of Colgate Palmolive (NYSE: CL) toothpaste with me, regardless of where I am in the world. That experience made me appreciate even more the global availability of Colgate Palmolive (NYSE: CL) and its commitment to customer satisfaction. It gave me peace of mind knowing that I could always count on a high-quality, reliable product, even in an unfamiliar location.

This experience reminded me of the importance of having a familiar and trusted product in times of uncertainty and made me appreciate the brand even more. Like toothbrushes, the Egyptians used a paste to clean their teeth around 5000 BC, even before toothbrushes were invented! It is also known that the ancient Greeks and Romans used toothpaste and that the people of China and India also used it around 500 BC.

In North America, the first commercially produced toothpaste was introduced in 1873 by Colgate. It was sold in jars and was not a great commercial success. In 1892, a dentist named Dr. Washington Sheffield was the first to put toothpaste in a collapsible tube. In ancient China, a variety of ingredients were used over time, such as ginseng, mint herbs and salt. The ancient Greeks and Romans used crushed bones, oyster shells, charcoal and tree bark.

Colgate Palmolive (NYSE: CL) is an American company founded in 1806 by William Colgate, who started out producing soaps and waxes. Over time, the company expanded into the production of personal cleaning products, such as toothpaste, and became a leader in the dental care market. An important milestone in the history of Colgate Palmolive (NYSE: CL) was in 1890 when it launched its first tube of toothpaste, which revolutionized the way people bought and used this product. During World War I, the company began sending toothpaste to soldiers, helping to popularize the product worldwide.

Today, Colgate Palmolive (NYSE: CL) is a global brand with a presence in more than 200 countries. In addition to toothpaste, the company also produces oral cleaning products, such as mouthwashes and toothbrushes, as well as personal care products, such as soaps and deodorants. The company has had great success in promoting oral health and awareness of the importance of oral cleanliness. Colgate Palmolive (NYSE: CL) has invested in educational programs and access to dental care in underserved communities around the world.

They are carrying out research and developing new technologies for the near future that allows our teeth to be cleaned using micro-robots and nanotechnology solutions, maybe even during our sleep. Colgate Palmolive (NYSE: CL) continues to focus on innovating dental and personal care, as well as improving their environmental and social impact. As part of this vision of the future, they are also committed to reducing their carbon footprint, increasing recycling efforts and working with sustainable suppliers.

It is a company that has been able to stay at the forefront of technology and market trends. They have always been pioneers in new product development and social responsibility initiatives, making them a trusted and reliable brand. It has a long history of innovation and leadership in the dental and personal care market, its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is a great value add, and I look forward to seeing them continue to lead the industry in the future.

The transformation Colgate Palmolive (NYSE: CL) is undergoing after 200 years in business is amazing, and they are now looking to use data and analytics to transform and accelerate their growth even further.


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