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The original of the originals

Hector M Contributor
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Who has never worn a pair of sneakers that incorporated its iconic “three stripes”? The products of the most important European athletic brand in history have left an indelible mark on the legend of sport and fashion, and its history is as interesting as its creations are famous. Innovative and groundbreaking since its inception, it pioneered hundreds of products now considered “cult.” Undoubtedly, the history of the sport would not have been the same without her.

Its origins date back to 1926 when brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler opened a small workshop in their native Germany. It was the happy 1920s, and the country was in a period of recovery after the devastating World War. For the first time, practicing sports became a leisure option for citizens, and the brothers seized the opportunity by offering high-quality sneakers, soon becoming one of the most prestigious brands in the country. But it was not until 1936, on the occasion of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, that the brand’s fame would rise. At the height of Nazism, the Dassler family became interested in the young Jesse Owens, becoming the first brand in history to sponsor an African-American athlete. Owens wins four gold medals, and the Dassler sneakers achieve worldwide fame.

However, the brand’s history includes not only success and ingenuity but also rivalry and splits. During World War II, the Dassler factory is used to produce war material. With peace, the brothers recover it, but Rudolf is arrested and accused of collaborating with the Nazis. Although he is finally released, it is his beloved brother, “Adi,” who is responsible for the accusation, so he separates from him and establishes Puma, which quickly becomes one of his main competitors.

The new era brings with it a profound revolution in consumer standards, and the newly formed Adidas (BAST EU: ADS) turns to innovation in design and technology. It was the first in the world not only to introduce rubber soles, which became the hallmark of the brand but also to be the first (and to date only) official supplier of World Cup balls with its Telstar ball (yes, the legendary black pentagon ball we all played with as children). Soon after came the first tennis shoes in history (sponsored by the legendary Stan Smith), the first sponsorship of a professional team in Europe (the almighty Bayern Munich) and the definitive leap to stardom in the new century with the collaboration with Kobe Bryant.

But Adidas (BAST EU: ADS) has not only been a reference in sports, but it has also had a great impact on the fashion world. The brand has been adopted by countless subcultures across multiple eras, from hip-hop to skateboarding, underground, grunge and the hooligan movement, and has collaborated with renowned designers such as Yohji Yamamoto and Alexander Wang. The Adidas streetwear clothing line, known as Originals, has become one of the most popular on the market and is today one of the highest-grossing lines globally.

Adidas is a symbol of a lifestyle that has endured through the years and has remained a truly distinctive icon throughout the ages. It has been able to adapt to change without losing its essence, making each generation feel proud of the “Adidas” they lived. Its products go directly from current fashion to the “retro” category as soon as trends change, never becoming outdated. 

In conclusion, Adidas (BAST EU: ADS) is one of the most important brands in the history of fashion and sport. A frenetic history full of innovations and disruptions has made it, for many, the most beloved of all brands. It has accompanied millions of people around the world and has witnessed the changing times, being a key player in that development.


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