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The art of design

Iván Z Contributor
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Interior design can be considered an art form; the great palaces and mansions are looking for that distinctive and artistic touch, the detail that will give them a fresh air, but without leaving aside the “general composition”, in which all the objects in the room are related to each other; and it is even better, when those objects tell a story.

Do boundaries exist only on maps? Interior designers are always trying to break the boundaries of creativity, creating compositions that suit the tastes and requests of their clients, and this turns out to be quite a challenge: materializing a concept or an idea with the objects in a room. RH (NYSE: RH) offers a wide variety of luxury objects that designers use to realize these works of art.

Not only do designers break boundaries, RH has done it in its own way, blurring the boundary between a simple store and a unique experience, with several galleries that all people can attend, to see and experience the glamour and luxury of the galleries; that is, in the galleries you can see and use the products that are for sale. And this experience is not only useful for those looking for inspiration, but also for those who want to experience a luxurious lifestyle for a few hours, surrounded by luxury furniture and hundreds of antique objects that tell a story.

Recently in the city of San Francisco, United States, the company has opened the gallery, “RH San Francisco” or also known as “The Gallery at the Historic Bethlehem Steel Building” which has 80,000 square feet and on each level a different concept; RH Outdoor, Modern, Interiors and an exclusive preview of RH Contemporary, a collection that unites classic and modern: on the lower level there is an exclusive floor for professionals, where you can find fabrics and leathers of the most exclusive, along with lighting pieces.

This RH (NYSE: RH) gallery, like the others, has been designed as a center of creativity and luxury, but also as a prestigious gastronomic center, since it has a restaurant and a bar: “The Palm Court Restaurant & Wine Bar” both with an exclusive menu that completes the luxury experience. The Palm Court Restaurant has a gastronomic concept with live fire and carefully selected food, fresh ingredients, combined in a minimalist and elegant way, the delicious dishes can be accompanied by wines and sparkling wines from around the world. The ambiance, as the center of it all, is a work of architecture, replete with pearly golden Calacatta marble, reminiscent of the glamour of San Francisco’s Gilded Age.

The whole experience brings creativity to the forefront, everywhere you look there are colors, artwork, history and different concepts, is it an interior designer’s paradise? In my opinion, yes it is, if we take into account that there you can find exclusive objects that give a distinctive touch to the concept you want to recreate in an environment.

Designers from all over the world create these exclusive pieces and RH (NYSE: RH), creates a bridge offering them to those who wish to furnish any environment, from the most minimalist and elegant concept to the most exotic or extravagant, the different options available to its customers, allow them to materialize an idea and then, of course, enjoy it.


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