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Digital fashion in a real world

Iván Z contributor
Digital fashion in a real world

It is very interesting to see how technology is reaching every possible corner; companies worldwide are adapting to this new digital era. Technology has already gone around the world, and right now, it is turning into the reality we know. The digital worlds are already a reality; although not tangible, they are enjoyable.

The metaverse or digital worlds are a growing trend; large companies are focusing their strategies in this direction and studying how they can take advantage of innovative technologies like this one. It is the technology companies that carry out the development of the metaverse, such as Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) or companies related to the gaming world, but why stay alone in this if other industries are also focusing on the digital section since a great part of the public comes from the internet.

The fashion industry does not want to be left out of this “fashion” of the metaverse since they see enormous potential there to show themselves and connect with the public that decides for one reason or another to enter this technological adventure.

Nike (NYSE: NKE) is one of the companies that is driving the digital revolution in its products, taking great steps towards a virtual future. The barrier between the real world and the virtual world can be a bit difficult to break, but in this sense, a smooth transition is a good trend to follow, and Nike saw it. Firstly, creating a section on its website where users can view the products but also with the possibility of creating their own designs. All this without leaving our homes.

Traditionally, to see the available products, users had to go to the physical stores of the brand, but in recent years they have shown us that there are other alternatives, first of all, the web pages, but technology proposes one more twist, the metaverse. Nike (NYSE: NKE), together with Roblox (NYSE: RBLX), have created NIKELAND, a virtual world full of games and challenges from the sportswear brand, giving the chance to score points and collect different Nike items. But also on this platform, we can see the different products that the company offers, something that is undoubtedly revolutionizing the way we see fashion.

We are at a point where clothing is changing the rules of the game as Nike is not the only one turning its eyes to the virtual world; other companies like GUCCI (BATS EU: KER) are doing it also, in their own way of course, but also giving a focus to the novelty of being able to try on various garments or simply see the items virtually.

The metaverse, together with the avatars, is a reality parallel to the one we live in, where we can recreate ourselves with the smallest level of detail and then move around in these digital environments to be able to go to the stores of the big brands to see the innovative proposals. It is likely that in the not too distant future we will have the possibility of acquiring various clothes without leaving our homes. Being able to try on all the clothes virtually, paying with digital currencies and then a drone will take our package to where we are.

Technology is causing brands that seem to have no connection with digital technologies to be reinventing themselves and giving the possibility of opening new access channels, as well as being able to reach an audience that is looking for new experiences.


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