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Flying without borders

Leus M Contributor
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Have you ever wondered what our life would be like today without the existence of airplanes? Without a doubt, everything would be completely different. Vacation trips would be delayed, and package shipments would still be a challenge. Aviation has marked a before and after in our era and is one of the most important industries in the world, as it has a great impact on the global economy, tourism and people’s mobility.

With the development of increasingly advanced technologies, aviation has become an essential tool for progress and economic growth worldwide. One of the main advantages of aviation is the mobility it offers. With flights crossing the globe, people can travel anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. This has led to an increase in tourism and trade, which in turn has driven economic growth around the world.

When I lived in Colombia, I was part of the Colombian civil defence as a volunteer, and among all the training we had, one of them was the transfer of injured people by helicopters, so you could save much more time than going by land in the middle of a road accident, where maybe there are dirt roads and no second level hospital around or in cities where there is so much traffic that it would be useless to try to go by land and arrive in time to save the life of a patient. 

Personally, being in the health area, more precisely in medicine, I see colleagues who already work in the field of emergency medicine and general surgery here in Argentina and in neighbouring countries where they make health brigades and use air transport on a daily basis to meet the objectives of their practices. It makes me think that, without a doubt, medical transport aircraft are essential to transfer patients urgently to specialized hospitals, and rescue aircraft are a vital tool in emergency situations.

In addition, it has also improved efficiency in the industry. Commercial flights allow companies to transport their products and supplies across the world in a short period of time, which has led to an increase in competitiveness and productivity in the industry, thus having a positive impact on safety and medical care.  Amid this era of aerospace technology, Howmet Aerospace (NYSE: HWM) has emerged as a leading manufacturer of aerospace and high-tech components. The company specializes in the manufacture of gas turbine components, combustion engine components, aircraft structures and cast aluminum components. 

With more than 75 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality aerospace components and a highly skilled and experienced engineering and design team, Howmet Aerospace (NYSE: HWM) has invested in advanced manufacturing technologies to increase its production capacity and improve efficiency in its processes. For example, the company has implemented 3D printing technology in the manufacture of gas turbine components, which has enabled greater design flexibility and a significant reduction in manufacturing time. In addition, the company has developed high-strength coating technology to improve the durability and corrosion resistance of its components.

The company has operations around the world, including factories in North America, Europe and Asia, enabling it to offer a wide range of products and services to its global customers. Howmet Aerospace (NYSE: HWM) has established strategic alliances with other leading companies in the industry to develop new products and technologies and to enhance its global market presence. All these points make it a company that will continue to grow over time and with great strength in aerospace technology.

Aviation has had a significant impact on our lives, and as technologies advance, it has become an essential tool for progress and economic growth around the world. Howmet Aerospace (NYSE: HWM) is an example of how leading aviation companies are investing in advanced technologies to improve their processes and products. Commercial aviation remains an essential industry in our modern era and will continue to be a vital part of our daily lives.


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