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Wine and humanity

Luis R Contributor
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Wine has been a very special beverage that has been present in important moments of mankind. Wine has been present in immortality, life and its pleasures and the pleasures and the sacrifice of the human being in the moments of the history of the world. In my personal experience, I have enjoyed since I was a child my father’s gatherings with his friends, enjoying the best wines with good music and listening to conversations about interesting topics that marked my passion for knowing the culture of the moment. That combination of good music, people with a certain cultural knowledge conversing, plus the aroma of wine attracted me to the plus the aroma of wine, attracted and delighted me in a great way. 

Those memorable spaces, in the company of a good glass of wine, many call them encounters with the language of wine, and so much so that I have met friends who are so fond of wine that they see it as a religion. They know every element and characteristic of the world’s most and characteristics of the most precious wines in the world and, for them, it is truly a pleasure to do wine tastings and visit the best restaurants appreciating that experience with a great wine of a good brand. One of the wines that have impressed me for its aroma, texture and taste is the Cabernet Sauvignon wine from the Peter Mondavi series of Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ). The Peter Mondavi wines are classified as high-end. Experiencing the ritual of tasting with a sense of pedagogy and taste orientation of these wines is truly spectacular. And if you complement it with a turkey dinner with the subtle woody aromas of this wine, it generates a sign of distinction and good taste.

I think it was an excellent decision by Constellation brands (NYSE: STZ) to acquire Peter Mondavi’s wine series, as it is in line with their mission to have and develop wine brands that make brands that make a difference in the world. Today, Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ) is one of the leading companies in the production and distribution of brands such as prisoner, the same Peter Mondavi, Casa noble, Meiomi and Kim Crawford.

How is it that wine has managed to stay popular throughout the ages and across generations? We can relate that, since genesis, one of the earliest references to wine and its consumption, was by Noah, since he was the first to cultivate wine and even Cam caught him inebriated receiving mockery from him. If we go back to the time of Jesus, in the Eucharist, the blood of Christ is represented through wine as a symbol of spiritual renewal. And in the Middle Ages and until the middle of the 20th century, wine was related to religious rituals, quotations of relevant poets and accompanied famous painters to achieve pauses and greater inspiration at the moment of being creative with painting.

One of the literary connotations that have attracted my attention is the one that Homer wine when he warns us about the danger of abusing too much wine in literary works like the Odyssey. According to Homer, wine caused the wisest of men to sing and smile like a child, attracted, deceived and pushed to say abruptly what should remain silent. In today’s times, companies like Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ), seek to promote wine as something unique and differentiating. Wine lovers relate their lives to wine to tell and relate their dreams of greatness; you can even read them on social media recounting their vacation stories and visits to famous restaurants while enjoying a special wine. Others connect with the taste, texture and aroma to enhance romance and seek an environment for eroticism, as well as the search for integration into social culture.

Current generations, such as millennials and generation z, are beginning to enter the target audience for wine sales. These generations are more curious to know what is behind a bottle of wine, demanding environmental certifications, as well as knowing the amounts of alcohol. In this aspect, Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ) leads the way by developing environmental care programs, as well as programs to raise awareness of the risks and consequences of the harmful use of alcohol.

Finally, the future of wine lies in achieving sustainable production by incorporating new resource-saving technologies, with data analytics, to achieve greater traceability and efficiency in the use of water and crop protection in the face of climate change.


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